The 7 most common reasons why your baby cries

Crying is your baby’s way of communicating with you. If he’s hungry, sleepy, or uncomfortable, he’ll tell you by crying. Here we tell you the 7 most common reasons why a baby cries.

Your baby wants to tell you something! And he does it through crying. Learn about the 7 most common reasons why your baby cries.

The reasons for crying in babies can be very varied, from physical, physiological to emotional needs. Never think that he cries on a whim; it is always out of necessity.

The important thing is that you do not become anxious or tense. Babies are sensitive to tension around them and if you do get stressed, guess what will happen: he will cry more! The good news is, whether it’s from hunger, sleepiness, or discomfort, crying can usually be easily resolved.

  • You are hungry: If it has been several hours since your last feeding, hunger may be the cause of crying.
  • Needs to burp: Your baby may have gas from sucking or may not have eliminated all his gas after feeding. That will make him restless.
  • Bowel movements: If your baby is very full or having bowel movements, he will tell you with his cry.
  • It’s uncomfortable: A dirty or tight diaper irritates your baby. He will cry if you don’t do something about it.
  • He’s hot / cold: Both hot and cold are sensations that bother your baby. Check the clothes he is wearing in relation to the ambient temperature.
  • She is sleepy / tired: If it’s time for a nap or sleep, your baby will let you know.
  • Wants physical contact: Sometimes your baby just wants you to hold him and pamper him a bit.

The cries are different according to age so, as your baby grows, you can surely have other clues, such as body and facial movements, that will help you better identify his needs. There may also be other times when you need additional support: if your baby’s crying is permanent or accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea or cough, it may be a sign that it is time to go to a service. emergency department or pediatrician.

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